Knights of Columbus
Coeur de Leon Council #87
P.O. Box 2373
Framingham MA 01703-2373

About the Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal society, was founded in 1882 by venerable servant of God Father Michael J. McGivney of St. Mary's Parish in New Haven, Conn. Today, the Knights of Columbus is the largest lay Catholic service organization in the world. Please visit the Supreme Council website and the Massachusetts State Council website for more information on our history and current activities in the state, country, and throughout the world.
About our Council
Coeur de Leon Council #87 of Framingham, Massachusetts, was founded on 28 January 1894.
Our Council works closely with the four Catholic churches in Framingham: St. Bridget's Parish, St. George Parish, St. Stephen Parish, and St. Tarcisius Parish
Principles of the Order
  • Charity -- easing the plight of those less fortunate
  • Unity -- to remain steadfast in our Faith
  • Fraternity -- to band together as brothers to help one another in times of distress, sickness, and death (Knights of Columbus Insurance)
  • Patriotism -- we are proud citizens of our country
Our principles in action
  • Enrich and develop your Catholic Faith
  • Volunteer in our Catholic Parish
  • Support the Catholic Church and our Faith (Keep Christ in Christmas signs, etc.)
  • Volunteer with community, family, Culture of Life, and youth programs
  • Charitable contributions (Tootsie roll drive for children with mental disabilities, Coats for Kids, etc.)
  • Vocations support
  • Strengthen family life
  • Basketball free throw contest
  • Scholarships
Learn more through these short videos: "Charity"; "Building the Church"; "So That the World May Know New Hope"; "Legacy"; "Be the Difference"; "Heros"
Who may be a member
Membership is open to practical Catholic men 18 years or older in union with the Holy See.
A "practical Catholic" is one who lives up to the ten Commandments of God and the seven precepts of the Church.